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Red Packets

Billions of Chinese around the world will celebrate Chinese New Year, the first day of the year based on the lunar calendar.

This is the time of the year where the majority of China will stop working, with celebrations lasting up to fifteen days.  This holiday is also known as the “Spring Festival” as it marks the end of the winter season.

Chinese New Year is the time of the year when families and friends come together, visit and exchange greetings with each other.  Gifts, red packets and mandarin oranges will also be exchanged during these house visits.  During the celebration, it is customary and traditional for married couples to offer monetary gifts of Red Packets  to their children, parents, relatives and friends.

In recent years, the printing of red packets or Ang Pows has been widely used as an effective marketing tool by large or small businesses.  Red Packets are used as an attractive item to lure customers to buy your goods as gifts and to boost sales at the same time.  The advantage is that costs are low.  Red packets are essentially made of paper and produced in bulks in attractive packaging.  By printing in bulk, economies of scale is achieved, bringing the cost per red packet even lower and more affordable to use as a marketing tool and to boost your sales.

Another benefit is that it obviously serves as a form of advertising and creating brand awareness.  Your company logo is printed at the back of the red packet.  When customers give this red packets to their relatives, the recipients are sure to notice the company  logo when opening the red packet.  Red packets are used throughout the year appropriate for all occasions.

Thirdly, Red Packets also act as promotional gifts that  encourage repeat purchases.  Customers just can’t get enough of the red packets especially when it is a necessity for Chinese New Year.  Hence, by having a gift such as red packets, it encourages customers to keep coming back and make repeat purchases.

At Corporate Greetings, we are able to customize and produce exclusive designs only for your organization.  Our designs are not sold in any downtown stores; these are only available for customers who order a minimum of 10,000 pieces.  Call us for a discussion as early as possible.

Traditional Chinese New Year Red Packets / Ang Pow

CNY Red Packets are traditional gifts given on special occasions like ceremonies and holidays. The significance of color red to chines and some Asian societies is because it is associated with good luck. To them color red chases evil spirits always leaving them with ample time to get lucky. CNY Red Packets are generally given during the Chinese New Year celebration which run from the turn of Chinese calendar to the 15th day of the first month ushering the lantern ceremonies. Also called Ang Pow or laisee are more often than not endowed with glorious artwork containing messages and drawing. The messages generally are wishes of goodwill, prosperity and success among other important virtues upheld by the Chinese. Drawing range from dragons phoenix, carps swimming near flowers, golden pineapples among many other pictures. It is considered luckier should the sender put some money in the envelope. This is in contrast to money given in white envelope which draws resentment from the receiver as to such it is only preserved for sad occasions like funerals.

CNY Red Packets origin dates back to the sung dynasty where a village was terrorized by a big demon. Many warriors and mighty fighters tried to no avail to kill it. Only the courage of a young orphan who possessed a magical swords managed to kill it. The aftermath for the young warrior was being generously rewarded by villages by being presented with a big white envelope containing gifts and money for his courage. CNY Red Packets do not have a limit or range of how much to give. This is totally dependent on the financial capability of the giver with respect to his/her relationship with the receiver.

The Chinese view red as a life giving color and as such its significance is well brought out by the theme of New Year which serves to wish someone a fresh and successful start to an important year in his/her life. CNY Red Packets or Ang Pow can be generally be bought on online stores and traditional markets or even having them made to custom standards to portray a personal message to someone special in life. The design material range in a variety of art paper, ivory and embossed. Prices are flexible to even the poorest of people. CNY Red Packets give the perfect gesture of demonstrating love and appreciating ones effort as well as wishing them good will as they usher in their new year.
Must Have Gifts During The Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is approaching, not long from now CNY is on the fifteenth Feb as per western timetable. Chinese New Year is a standout amongst the most noteworthy festivals for Chinese everywhere throughout the world. The Chinese new year falls on the first day of the first month of the lunar schedule. Mostly occurs during the second week of February. The most imperative shade for CNY is red color. Chinese love the red color as Chinese accept that red shade brings good fortunes. During this time there is a lot of the festivities going around. If you are in the country you will see a lot of fireworks and dragon costumes. There are specific foods that also mark the holiday too and you can also try to impress your friends with. Here is a list of the food gifts that you are likely to run into:

Mandarin oranges- Mandarin oranges symbolize gold and are one of the absolute necessities as these mandarin oranges mean riches and favorable luck. Giving mandarin oranges to a friend means that you are wishing them a successful year

Ang Pow - Ang Pow is red bundles with cash inside. Ang Pow is given out by the individuals who are hitched to the individuals who are unmarried, particularly the children. Ang Pow giving is an image of goodwill to favor the kids with incredible wellbeing and favorable luck in their studies. Ang Pow must be red in color which implies good fortunes and flourishing.

Yee Sang- Yee Sang is an unquestionable requirement to have a dish amid the Chinese New Year. Yee Sang is a dish with multi hued crude fish mixed greens and regularly we consume together with loved ones part. Yes Sang must be thrown before you expended it. There is an accepting that the higher throw is, the more noteworthy fortune is. The principle fixing is a fish which mean richness or abundance and surplus of fortunes and riches through the happening in the New Year.

Sticky Cake (Nian Gao)- Nian and Gao mean year high or tall and is consumed to symbolize the "raising of oneself". Nian Gao is a sort of sweet sticky treat which can steamed or singed with sweet potatoes and yam. Nian Gao is considered as the new year's cake and is prepared from rice. During the CNY it is available in supermarkets and is considered a must have gift. You can eat the rice with other cuisines.
Red Packet Printing Gift Services

Chinese have been for a long time been giving gifts at occasions such as Chinese New Year Festivals, wedding and even during birthdays. The Chinese culture is highly different from the practices of the west. When giving out gifts especially the money gifts in the west, it is normally inserted into greeting cards. The Chinese Ang Pow Red Envelopes are commonly referred to as red packets are the common in the Chinese culture. They portray a lot of meaning to the recipient and some would even show the longevity and the blessing.

Red Packet Printing is a common activity that have aided most of the Chinese present their gifts in the most customized way that suit the culture needs of the Chinese people. Moreover, colors of the envelopes do count a lot to the recipient of the gift. For instance a gift that is wrapped in a white envelope is only given during sorrowful events such as funerals.

Red Packet Printing Service dates back to the era of Sung Dynasty China. When using the Ang Pow, it is very important to consider the use of the Chinese Homophones. In determining how much to give, you can decide on the amounts to give that ends in a sound that is similar to fortune. Take the amount that portrays the longevity e.g. nine or eight. The amount to give also depends on the type of occasion at hand. The red packets are taken to mean healthy living and long life ahead at the beginning of each and every year. For a long time, Red Packet Printers and artists have taken their time to improve on the use and ways that Red Packets portray to the recipient. Quality and presentation of the Red packets do count a lot. This is why they have been customized to suit the needs of each and every client.

Red Packets use in giving gifts to employees prior to the New Year celebrations is common in China. At birthdays, parents are often given red packet gifts to celebrate the birthday event of their children. Nonetheless, the older generations do present their gifts to the younger generation especially when they are at their seventies. It is believed China wide that use of Red Packets in giving gifts is a sign of good luck in the days and years to come ahead. It is also used to give presents to students at school. Ideally, the use of Ang Pow envelopes started long time ago in China and will be used for the many years to come ahead.